Why Am I Craving Avocado? 10 Reasons Why

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The reason you might want avocados could be as simple as liking their taste. They taste a bit like the earth and grass but also have a creamy feel.

Or, you might be feeling hungry, or you’re following a diet that’s low in carbs but high in fats.

There are many reasons why you might be craving avocados. It all depends on where you live, the type of diet you’re on, and how often you eat avocados.

But don’t worry. As a Nutritionist, I’m here to help you figure out exactly why you’re craving avocados. In this article, we’ll look at various reasons why you might be craving avocados.

1. You like how avocados taste

Avocados taste really unique. When they are ripe, they taste kind of earthy and like grass, but they are also creamy and taste fresh.

When you bite into an avocado, right away, you’ll feel how soft it is inside. It’s so soft that it feels like it melts right in your mouth.

This unique taste of avocados can really stick in your mind if you enjoy eating it.

Take, for example, my preference for chips. I particularly favor the chili paprika variety. While I find other flavors good as well, none inspire cravings quite like this one.

This specific flavor has made quite an impact on my taste buds. And before you question my nutritional advice, I’ll admit I do indulge in chips occasionally, albeit responsibly.

So, what I’m saying is that each person has certain tastes they like more than others. This makes them want those tastes again after some time. And for you, that taste might be avocados.

Also, it could be that you liked a whole meal that had avocado in it, not just the avocado by itself. So, you might be craving the whole meal that had the avocado, not just the avocado.

2. You might be craving something filling

Your craving for avocados might be because you just want a snack to keep you going until your big meal. And avocados are just the right kind of food for that.

For example, there was this story I came across about a woman in a forum who was on the Whole30 diet. She talked about how she had really strong cravings every day after starting this new diet.

In the picture below, which I’ve highlighted, you can see she had breakfast at 8:00 AM, but by 9:30 AM, she was feeling hungry again.

A detailed daily eating log mentioning avocado in every meal.

She explained, “I wasn’t really hungry; I was just trying to keep myself from thinking about my cravings.”

So, what she did at 9:30 AM was have a small snack that included a small peach, a bit of eggs, and some avocado. This snack helped her stay full until lunch and kept those tough cravings away.

Thus, your avocado cravings might be about seeking out something filling to eat, like avocados. If you weren’t aware, avocados are among the most nutrient-dense foods available, packed with numerous nutrients.

If you didn’t know, avocados are super nutritious, meaning they have lots of good stuff in them. But the main things in avocados that help you stay full are fats and fiber.

Fats take a while to digest, and fiber breaks down slowly, which means they help keep you full for a longer time.

3. You may be on a low carb high-fat diet

If you’re on a diet that cuts down on carbs, which means you eat fewer carbs, you’ll end up eating more foods that are high in fat, like avocado.

So, if this kind of diet is what you’re following, it’s pretty normal for avocados to be something you eat often.

What happens is, that when your brain and body get used to getting avocados regularly, they start to want avocados when you haven’t had them for some time.

This means your craving for avocados might come from the fact that you are, or were, eating according to a low-carb, high-fat diet plan. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not on the diet right now.

If there was a time when you were eating avocados a lot because of the diet, your brain has likely made a strong note of it.

So, you might find yourself wanting avocados because your brain remembers eating them regularly and has grown to expect them.

4. You may be on a low-fat diet

Ever heard the phrase “we want what we can’t have”? This idea fits perfectly with diets too. Imagine you’re on a diet that cuts down on fats, which means you mainly eat foods rich in carbs but low in fat.

Because of this, you naturally start to crave foods that are high in fat. This includes meals with avocados, which you’re either not allowed to have or can only eat a little of.

So, if your diet tells you to eat less avocado to keep within your limits for fats and carbs, you might find yourself really wanting avocados.

This craving can be strong, especially if you love avocados, grew up eating them, or were used to having them often but had to stop because of your diet.

This could be a diet for losing weight or handling a health issue.

5. You have an emotional association with avocados

This idea is about feeling a certain way when we think about foods, like avocado, for example. Imagine you went on a vacation to Mexico with your friends.

While there, you ate a lot of foods that had avocado in them. While eating those meals, you were having a great time, talking, laughing, and making jokes.

So, now, whenever you’re feeling lonely, you might start craving those meals with avocado. But what you’re really missing is the fun times with your friends.

Your feelings during those moments got connected with eating avocado. This is what people call emotional eating.

It means you want certain foods because of the emotions you felt the last time you had them.

This could be when you were very happy or even when you were stressed or sad. Like how some people might eat a bowl of ice cream when they’re sad or go for fast food when they’re stressed.

With you, it’s craving avocado because it brings back happy memories from the past.

6. You are going through hormonal changes

When a woman is pregnant or has her period, her body goes through big changes in hormones.

These hormone changes can mess with how you smell and taste things, making you really want certain foods, and it’s not always about wanting something sweet or salty.

What you end up craving can also be influenced by where you live and the kinds of foods you’re used to eating.

However, it’s pretty normal to start craving specific things like avocados when these hormone shifts happen.

Some people might find themselves wanting unusual foods like mustard or mushrooms. In your situation, avocados might be the food you crave.

7. You got intentionally or unintentionally inspired by someone or somewhere

When we see avocados on social media, in ads, or being enjoyed by our friends, it makes us want to eat them. This happens for a few reasons.

First, photos and videos of delicious avocado dishes, like avocado toast or guacamole, can look so good that we start craving them. It’s like when you see pictures of friends having fun together, and you wish you were there too.

The same thing happens with food. Ads are designed to make the food look irresistible, so when we see them, we start thinking, “I have to try that!”

Also, when everyone around us is eating healthier, including foods like avocados, we might feel like we should be doing the same.

It’s kind of like when a new movie comes out, and everyone is talking about it. Even if we weren’t interested at first, all the buzz might make us want to see it too.

This is how trends work; when something becomes popular, like avocados, more people want to join in.

8. You might be hungry

When we’re hungry, our body is telling us, “I need food.” At that moment, we could crave almost anything.

But, if we’re hungry and we see a commercial with avocados in it, or if we remember a really tasty avocado dish we saw online, our craving can become very specific for avocados.

It’s like when you’re really thirsty, and suddenly, all you can think about is a cold glass of water.

Our cravings get stronger when we see food that looks good or when we’re around food.

If we know we have avocados at home or see them on a menu, we’re more likely to crave them because they’re right there, and we can easily get them.

It’s about what’s easy to reach and what looks good at the moment. So, if we’re hungry and avocados are what we see or remember, that’s what we’re going to want.

9. You are allergic to avocados

If you’re allergic to avocados, it might seem like a classic case of “wanting what you can’t have.”

There’s a psychological aspect where, if you know you shouldn’t eat a certain food, your desire for it might increase. You can see this effect in action with your own experiences.

For instance, if you’re used to enjoying a diet Coke every evening with your dinner and suddenly find out you’re allergic, you might start craving it intensely.

Consider the example of a Reddit user who discussed their allergy to avocados, which could be life-threatening for them. Despite the risk, they find themselves craving avocados.

A comment on a forum post about craving avocados despite being allergic to them.

This person also mentioned that they loved eating avocados during their teenage years but had to stop after developing an allergy.

It’s possible to have eaten avocados frequently, develop an allergy over time, and then be compelled to avoid them, leading to occasional cravings for avocados.

10. You may be low in certain nutrients (least likely reason)

There’s a theory I’ve seen many people talk about that suggests if you really want to eat avocados, it could mean you’re missing out on some nutrients like potassium, vitamin E, folate, or healthy fats.

Avocados are full of these nutrients, so the idea is that your body can figure out it’s missing these things and make you crave avocados to make up for it.

It’s pretty easy for us to think that if we’re missing something (like a nutrient), then craving something else (like avocados) makes sense.

However, when I share information with my readers, I like to be sure it’s based on actual science, not just guesses. And that’s the main issue with this theory about avocados – it’s still just a theory without real proof to back it up.

In fact, what science has shown us so far is that our bodies don’t really have a way to pinpoint exactly what nutrients we’re lacking and then cause us to crave specific foods to fix the problem.

For instance, according to the theory of craving nutrients, you’d think that during pregnancy, when the body needs more nutrients, there would be cravings for nutrient-rich foods.

But, a study has shown that instead of wanting more nutritious food, pregnant women often crave foods that are high in carbs and fats, like fast food.

So, there isn’t much evidence to support the idea that if you’re craving avocados, it’s because you’re low in certain nutrients.

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Healthy Ways To Satisfy Your Avocado Cravings

To satisfy your avocado cravings in a healthy way, you can try some of these tips:

Eat Avocados in Moderation

Given an avocado contains about 250 calories and 23 grams of fat, moderation is key. A reasonable serving size is approximately one-fourth to one-half of an avocado per day.

This approach helps manage calorie intake while still reaping the nutritional benefits of avocados, such as their high content of monounsaturated fats, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals.

Moderation ensures you enjoy the health benefits without the risk of excessive calorie and fat intake.

Pair Avocados with Other Nutritious Foods

Avocados can enhance the nutrient profile of many meals.

Their creamy texture and rich flavor make them a perfect addition to salads, sandwiches, and soups, adding depth and satisfaction.

Importantly, the fats in avocados can increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) found in other vegetables and fruits, making these meals even more nutritious. H

However, it’s wise to pair avocados with foods that are not high in calories and fats to maintain a balanced diet.

Substitute Avocados for Less Healthy Fats

Avocados are an excellent substitute for mayonnaise, sour cream, butter, or cream cheese, offering a way to reduce saturated and trans fat intake. For instance:

  • Avocado Dip: Replace mayonnaise-based dips with avocado for a heart-healthy alternative.

  • Avocado Sauce for Pasta: Use blended avocado for a creamy, nutritious pasta sauce instead of cream-based sauces.

  • Avocado Frosting: Create a rich, creamy frosting for cakes using avocados, providing a healthier option than traditional buttercream.

These substitutions not only enhance the nutritional content of your meals but also introduce new and enjoyable textures and flavors.

Experiment with Different Avocado Recipes

Avocados lend themselves to a wide range of culinary applications, from sweet treats to savory dishes. Exploring different avocado recipes can satisfy cravings in diverse and interesting ways. For example:

  • Avocado Chocolate Mousse: Blending avocado with cocoa powder and a sweetener can produce a deliciously creamy and healthy dessert.

  • Avocado Tartine with Halloumi Cheese: A savory and satisfying snack or light meal, combining the creaminess of avocado with the salty, grilled cheese on whole-grain bread.

  • Avocado Ice Cream: A novel and refreshing way to enjoy avocados, offering a creamy texture and rich flavor without the added fats of traditional ice cream.

By incorporating avocados into various recipes, you can keep your diet exciting and flavorful while benefiting from the nutritional value avocados offer. Trying new dishes encourages culinary creativity and helps maintain a healthy, balanced diet that includes the goodness of avocados without overindulgence.

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Unhealthy Ways To Avoid When Satisfying Your Avocado Cravings

Satisfying your avocado cravings in unhealthy ways can negate the fruit’s nutritional benefits. Here are some habits to avoid

Adding Too Much Salt or Unhealthy Fats

Avocados are full of good fats that are great for your heart.

But, if you add a lot of salt or mix it with foods that have a lot of bad fats, like bacon or some salad dressings, it’s not that healthy anymore.

Eating too much salt can make your blood pressure go up, and bad fats aren’t good for your heart.

You can still make avocados taste great by using things like herbs, spices, or a squeeze of lemon instead of adding too much salt or bad fats.

Eating Too Many Avocados

Even though avocados are really good for you because they have lots of nutrients and healthy fats, they also have a lot of calories.

If you eat too much avocado, you could end up eating more calories than you need, which might lead to gaining weight.

It’s best to stick to eating about a quarter to half an avocado each day so you can enjoy its benefits without eating too many calories.

Deep-Frying Avocados

When you deep-fry avocados, like making avocado fries, they soak up a lot of oil, which adds a lot of calories and unhealthy fats.

This makes naturally healthy food less healthy.

A better way to enjoy avocados is to bake or grill them. This way, you keep them healthy and avoid adding extra calories and bad fats.

Eating Avocado-Based Processed Foods

Some snacks and foods say they’re made with avocado but only have a little bit of avocado in them. Instead, they’re filled with things like added sugar, a lot of salt, and unhealthy fats.

These kinds of foods don’t give you the same health benefits as eating a whole avocado.

It’s much healthier to eat real avocados than to eat processed foods that just have a little bit of avocado flavor.

Mixing Avocados with Lots of Sugar

Avocados can be used in sweet dishes like desserts, which can be a healthy way to enjoy them.

However, if you add a lot of sugar to these dishes, it can cancel out the health benefits of the avocado.

For healthier sweet avocado treats, try using natural sweeteners like a bit of honey or ripe bananas, which don’t add as much sugar.

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There are many reasons why you might find yourself wanting avocados.

Maybe it’s because you’re hungry, you enjoy their taste, or your body is experiencing hormonal changes.

What really matters at the end of the day is that if you’re craving avocados, you should feel free to eat them.

As long as you’re enjoying avocados in moderation, there’s no harm in giving in to your cravings.

And yes, it’s important to include avocados in your diet in a healthy manner, avoiding the unhealthy ways I’ve mentioned in this article.


What are you missing if you crave avocado?

You could be missing nothing if you crave avocados. You might crave it because you like its taste, you may be stressed, hungry or you may have gotten influenced to eat avocado from somewhere. Having food cravings doesnt necessarily mean that your body is missing nutrients or craving nutrient-dense foods.

Why do I love avocado so much?

You may love avocado so much because of its delicious taste and creamy texture, which can make any dish more satisfying and enjoyable. You may also love avocados because of their numerous health benefits, such as lowering your cholesterol, improving your digestion, and protecting your cells from oxidative damage. Avocados can also help you absorb more nutrients from other foods, such as carotenoids from vegetables.

Why am I craving avocado toast?

You may be craving avocado toast because it is a simple, tasty, and nutritious meal that can fill you up and fuel your day. Avocado toast combines the healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber from avocado with the complex carbohydrates and protein from whole-grain bread, creating a balanced and satisfying snack or breakfastYou may also crave avocado toast because it is trendy, customizable, and Instagram-worthy.

Do avocados make you feel good?

Avocados can make you feel good in several ways. First, avocados can make you feel good physically, as they provide many nutrients that can support your overall health and wellness. Second, avocados can make you feel good mentally, as they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that can help produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep, and appetite. Third, avocados can make you feel good emotionally, as they can satisfy your hunger, cravings, and taste buds, making you happy and content.

Why do avocados make me feel better?

Avocados can make you feel better for the same reasons as above, but also because they can help you cope with stress, fatigue, and inflammation. They can help lower your cortisol levels, the hormone that is released when you are stressed, and increase your dopamine levels, the hormone that is released when you are rewarded. Avocados can also help boost your energy and metabolism, as they provide healthy fats and essential vitamins that can help your body produce and use energy.

Why are avocados a Superfood?

They are considered a Superfood because they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, meaning they provide a lot of nutrients for relatively few calories. Avocados contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fats, fiber, protein, and phytochemicals, that can benefit your health in various ways. Avocados are also versatile and delicious, making them easy to incorporate into your diet and enjoy.

Can you eat as many avocados as you want?

While avocados are very healthy and beneficial, you should not eat as many as you want, as they are still high in calories and fat, and eating too much of anything can have negative consequences. Eating too many avocados can lead to weight gain, digestive issues, and nutrient imbalances, especially if you are not eating enough of other healthy foods. A reasonable serving size of this creamy green fruit is about one-fourth to one-half of an avocado per day, depending on your calorie needs and health goals.

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Rahul is a professional nutritionist certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a personal trainer certified through the American Council of Exercise (ACE). He has a special interest in the science of nutrition and how it can impact the body.

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